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Born and raised in New Jersey, a true city girl.  After high school at the Academy of Saint Elizabeth’s in Convent Station, I moved out of New Jersey for College.  Traveled to the middle of nowhere, Kutztown University (I had never seen so much corn in one place before!)  Going from city traffic to horse and buggy traffic can definitely change someone..

Met the love of my life, Jason, senior year at Kutztown and after graduation decided it would be better for us, and our wallets, to stay in Pennsylvania (versus New Jersey).  A year later, I landed in the Harrisburg area, and settled in Hummelstown.  A small quiet borough right outside of the great and chocolaty Hershey.  A couple of months after buying our first place, we expanded our family and got a dog!  Harley is a Boxer, Rat Terrier Mix and is the sweetest and best dog around, sorry I am a bit biased.

One of my passions involves cooking and baking, something that was passed down to me from my grandmother, Granny.  I love experimenting with different recipes and even different ingredients to create some unique and delicious recipes.  Although I am not much of a “sweets” fan (living near the “Sweetest Place on Earth” can sometimes be a challenge for my lack of chocolate-ness), I love baking for others and enjoy a really good pie!

I love travelling, exploring, fashion and beauty trends, decorating, DIY-ing and spending time with my family and friends.   I hope this blog becomes your one stop shop when it comes to anything and everything you come across in life.  My goal here is to live each and every day to its fullest and log my discoveries here for all of you to enjoy.  Hope you enjoy my blog and if ever you want me to blog on a certain subject, I am open to suggestions, just send me a message!

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