diy cork pumpkin


I was pretty bored one Saturday so decided to get crafty.  I saw a similiar idea on Pinterest but instead of painting it orange, I really wanted to leave the corks wine-stained for a more rustic, natural look.  This was a super easy project that took about 10 minutes.  See below for step by step directions.  Get crafting!

What you need:

25 Corks
Hot Glue Gun
Twine or Rope


Line up your corks in each layer you would like them glued.  Make sure if you decide to go with this rustic route, you keep all the wine stained ends on the same side.  Start by gluing 4 corks next to each other.  The next layer needs to have 5 corks, the layer after that is 6.  After you reach 6 corks, you will start to decline number of corks in each row until you reach 4 again (this is your top layer).  Save your shortest cork for your stem.  Just glue your stem standing up in the center of the pumpkin and tie a rope or twine around into a bow or knot.  Voila!  You just created a 10 minute cork pumpkin.

Happy Crafting!
xox jess


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