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vacation souvenir display box


After we travel I feel like I save all these vacation “souvenirs” from our trip and never do anything with them.  A great way to display your travel keepsakes and put them out to show both for yourself or for others to see is to create a vacation shadow box.  I think this is such a great idea and also looks great hanging on your wall or leaning on a shelf.  I saw this on Pinterest and just had to try it!  Check out my step by step direction below.

First, you need a shadow box. I bought mine at Michael’s, it’s a 4-Way Adjustable Shadowbox.  I really like this one because it allows you the flexibility to mount items that are flat or that require more depth. You can use it as a shallow shadowbox to display a photo with a mat, or add the included inserts to create a shadowbox that is up to one inch deep.  I used the back card stock piece and just flipped it over so it was plain white as my background.  You can use anything you want here, construction paper, burlap, fabric, the possibilities are endless.  I just thought if I used the back on the insert it would be easier to glue or tape anything to it (and it’s free!)

Next, Print out some pictures from your trip, 4×6 size is perfect for this. You will cut these pictures up to spell out your destination!

I used a letter stencil that I had because I can’t draw straight lines if my life depended on it! I traced the letters on the back of the picture to make it easier to see the lines.  Then cut it out and lined everything up (make sure you take into account the frame may block some space on the sides).

Next, I used double stick tape to tape the letters down.

Below your destination, you can write in the date you traveled or just the month and year. Sharpie should work out fine unless you want to cut up some more photos!

Here is the fun part. Next I laid everything I had saved or collected from the trip to see what exactly I wanted to include.  On the background insert, I laid everything out to see how it would all look.  Once I was happy with it I decided to tape it all down.  I used double stick tape for everything on this project, no glue at all, and thought it was easy and convenient (instead of making a mess and waiting for glue to dry).

Find a wall or location you want to display. You can display all on the same wall, same room or just throughout your house.  Enjoy the view and all that hard work creating this masterpiece!

If you do not want to display everything in a shadow box I have another idea for you, I also saw this on Pinterest and had to make it!  Michael’s has these Cornice Wooden boxes you can buy and either paint a color, stain it or leave it unfinished.  You can also decoupage a map of your destination on the top or all over.  Next you can use a stencil or free draw and write your destination on the front side.  Make sure you have the box closed and you are drawing over the opening.  When you open the box it will just cut the word in half but you can stack them on a bookshelf or floating shelf and still be able to read them.  I did this with some stuff I had from my brother instead of as a vacation mementos box.  I painted the box orange and just wrote his name on the front and anything that I have that reminds me of him or anything that he may have given me (old birthday cards, etc.) I have in this box. I have it at the top of my bookshelf in my office.  Both ideas work great for vacation keepsakes or anything special you want saved.

Hope these ideas help you display your keepsakes from your next trip!
xox jess


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