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gone kayaking


We spent the week of Fourth of July down in Myrtle Beach.  We try to find a different activity each year, for a little break in beach and pool days.  This year we wanted to kayak.  We found a place that put the kayaks in about 20 minutes north of where we stay J&L Kayaking in Little River (Cherry Grove).  J&L were great, they met us at a boat ramp with the kayaks already in, you just had to sign and go!  We had 2 hours to go out an explore the Marsh and an island, Waites Island.  We had such a great time exploring (as long as we were going with the current!).  Once it was time to head back, which unfortunately was against the current, the real workout had begun.  I have never worked so hard to try and get somewhere and to look up and realize I hadn’t moved!  I was extremely relieved when I finally got back the boat ramp.  Overall, kayaking was tons of fun and I would love to keep up with it (at home in the creeks and rivers).  Definitely a must if you haven’t tried it before!

xox jess


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