summer fun


One of our favorite summer activities is going floating with some friends.  It is a pretty inexpensive activity that can last a couple of hours (just have to purchase the floats, some snacks and drinks).  Just in case you are new at this, click here for step by step directions.  We went for a float this past Saturday at Yellow Breeches Creek and we had a perfect day!  The thing I love about going floating is there is no schedule once you get in.  There is absolutely no agenda.  You float as the water takes you, fast or slow.  The float on Saturday took us about 3½ – 4 hours.  We have one car drop us and the floats off at the drop in, then a car needs to go to the end location where you get out (the only work and planning this will take is getting the cars set up)!  As long as we have sunscreen, great tunes and friends – there is nothing else you need.  Some of the floats we use are the River Rat and River Run.  Both available on Amazon or Dicks Sporting Goods.  The River Rats are just your standard tube (still an awesome tube, that’s what we use), the River Runs are a little more advanced, they have netting in the hole, cup holders and a back you can lounge in.  If you are on a River Rat – you get a hell of an ab workout if you want to sit up and see!  If you plan to bring some snacks and drinks along, the floating cooler is the way to go.  Make sure you tie someone up to the cooler thought (if it doesn’t connect automatically), wouldn’t want to lose anything going down one of the rapids!  Overall a great summer activity to do to get out in the sun.  A summer must!




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