may 4, 1987

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Cheers to 29!

I am so honored to share my birthday with the great Audrey Hepburn.  She is someone I admire so much and absolutely LOVE her style.


The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.
-Audrey Hepburn

I was not sure how I felt about turning 29.. God I feel like I’m getting old! Today wasn’t so bad, definitely not like birthdays used to be when your a kid!  My day was pretty much the same as any other day, wake up..shower..go to work..instead of going home after work, my husband took me out to dinner (we got our favorite oyster shooters too!)  Got some goodies at work from some great people!  Who knew someone would get so excited over raw cashews, goji berries, black olives, and a bar of awesome smelling know I did!  Those are some of my favorite snacks which made those gifts so special to me!! When we got home from dinner, my husband and fur baby (Harley) gave me my cards and gift.  Harley put her paw print in her card to me, I will cherish that card forever and ever!! Jason got me a new wallet.. LOVE IT!!!!  Although I had a great birthday, I do wish my family was closer to spend some of the day with them, miss them all so much!  May used to be my favorite month.. now I think it actually is my least favorite.  May 15th is my baby brothers 3 year angelversary and I miss him everyday.  I wish I could have gotten that happy birthday call from him today, that’s the one I miss the most.

I have learned a lot over the past 29 years, and I hope to really challenge myself with all those learnings this year.  It will be hard, but honestly, what isn’t?

Here’s to living up the last of my 20s!!

xox jess


2 thoughts on “may 4, 1987”

  1. I have liked and enjoyed all your blogs, but this is the MOST enjoyable. I know how much you love Audrey Hepburn and to hear you share the same birthday is pretty awesome!! The pictures are great and enjoy the last year of your 20’s. Don’t worry you will enjoy ” thirty something”.

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