next manicure, furry nails?


What we learned from Fashion Week earlier this month was that fur is in…for your nails I mean.  One of the craziest trends right now is furry nails thanks to the style director and co-founder of CND nail polish, who sent models down the runway at the fall/winter 2016 show with legit faux fur on their nails.  People aren’t actually planning this new nail trend for its practicality…it’s more for the look.  To get this hairy masterpiece, paint each nail with Vinylux Weekly Polish next adhere the brown or white faux fur to each nail with Super Shiney High-Gloss Top Coat.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to leave the nail look on longer than a day, but if you decide to, good luck eating or washing your hands.  I would be interested in doing this look at least once, but know that anytime I see this look out in public (which may be difficult seeing as how I am in central PA, not the NY Metro area anymore) I will smile on the inside.  Good luck my furry friends, let me know what you think of this crazy trend!

xox jess



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